Blue Media Chat (BMChat) is one of the best voice and video chat software in the world, which built by BMChat development group with the latest technology and architecture. Voice and video chat enables you:
* Talk with your friends over the sea
* Hold a meeting with your parnters located in different continents
* Show your life to your family with cables

BMChat includes two releases for different scenario:
* Web base release is used for fast installation. With Microsoft Internet Explorer only, users can enjoy the chat easily without installing any other software
* Application release supports most popular browsers in Internet, includes Micorosoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera & Apple Safari, but requires download and installation.

Both releases support not only Windows XP, but also Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8.

Since 2008, BMChat provided the service of voice and video chat for more than 50 customers over the world. Servers of BMChat are hosted in Europe with gigabit network and redundant connections which is optimized for Gulf customers, text & voice chat can be run with modem, ISDN or any other narrow band, video chat can be run on xDSL, fiber or any other board band. According to the records in the recent two years, 1500 online users can be run on one server with voice and video chat simultaneously.

With friendly control panel and self-service system, resellers and chat owners can easily manage the theme of rooms, priviledge of the operators and the expiration date of the sites. Try BMChat today, first 3 customers in the week will get 5% discount.