Servers of BMChat are hosted in North America with gigabit network and redundant connections which is optimized for the Gulf customers, text & voice chat can be run with modem, ISDN or any other narrow band connections, video chat can be run on xDSL, fiber or any other board band connections. BMChat provides three type of chat services: Rooms hosting, Virtual host and Dedicate server.

Room hosting

Room hosting is the service which customers host one or more chat rooms in the servers of BMChat. Rooms can be devided into one or more sites and each site has its own site panel and admin. With the clone site technology, customers can make several copies of a site with different languages, banners and themes. If needed, sites of one customer can be linked into a chain and users can switch between the rooms belongs to different sites in the chain when chatting.
Room hosting is mostly used for the end users who want to have their own chat service.

Virtual host

Virtual host is the customers host a chat server instance in the servers of BMChat. One virtual host supports 255, 500 and 1000 rooms and 500 online users simultaneously. All the hosts will be allowed for unlimited incoming/outgoing and up to 1Gbps burst traffic. Customers with virtual host will have their own admin panel and fully control of the chat service. With the super reseller/reseller supported, customers can have the chat resouce (rooms, sites, ugids) assigned to super resellers; super resellers can have their own resource assigned to resellers; finally the resellers can have their own resource assigned to the end users. Customers can also manage all the site panels of the hosts including expire date, site properties, banners & logos, to meet their own request and policy.
Virtual host is commonly used for the chat holders who want to sell the chat services to resellers and end users.

Dedicate server

Dedicate server is a server fully assigned to a customer. One dedicate server supports three virtual hosts which supports 500 rooms and up to 1500 simultaneous online users. All the hosts will be allowed for unlimited incoming/outgoing and up to 1Gbps burst traffic. Customers will have dedicate admin panels for different virtual hosts and manage the server (reboot the OS and web server) according to their own requests. Customers can also have two instances on the dedicate server combinded for redundancy and have sites, rooms and user data shared. Chats can be switched from the activated instance to the standby instance in 5 minutes when the activated one is under attack. Dedicate firewall can also be attached to the server to filter the bad traffic and block the unwanted incoming IP addresses from the bots.
Dedicate server is normally used for the chat hosting companies or those chat holders whose business is always under attack.